Our mission at Bear Creek Youth is to inspire the next generation to run hard after Jesus. We believe the best way for students to grow in their faith is to follow the blueprint that Jesus laid out for us in the Bible of relational discipleship. We’d love to encourage your student to choose one of our youth leaders as their small group mentor so they can grow deeper in their relationship with God alongside their peers.

When We Meet:

Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm
* Currently meeting outside due to Covid-19


  Hi Guys! God and church have been part of my story since I was born. However, as the seasons came and passed my focus on God’s plan for my life has fluctuated. However, I know that through my searching to discover who I am and striving to be seen and known, God has been with me, pursuing my heart and mind every step of the way. I am excited to walk alongside the Youth of Bear Creek Church on their journey. My prayer is that God be each of our Guide, our Redeemer and our Comforter. My passions are; service, being a wife and mother and being out in nature. 

Your Mentor: Rebecca


      Beloved of God - all else subject to change without notice. I grew up in a Christian home and accepted Christ at 3, but have reevaluated many times as I weigh what I see around me to Who God says He is. Every time He is even better than I realized. I started leading jr. high youth as a senior in high school and love dogs, music, reading, and adventures.

    Your Mentor: Heather


      Jesus has rescued me from the chains of a rough past. Serving with the youth ministry is such a blessing. I continue to be inspired as I watch teens experience breakthrough in their walk with Jesus. My passions are uniting the community for Jesus, and my family.

      Your Mentor: Andrae


        I have been a believer since I was a little girl but didn't really know God until a couple years ago when I discovered my purpose and who God called me to be.  I love seeing our youth grow in realizing who God has called them to be. My passions are mentorship and serving others.

        Your Mentor: Kim


            Hi y’all! I’ve super enjoyed serving on the youth ministry team because I’ve been able to watch so many of you grow in your relationships with God! I am super passionate about loving others, personal growth and spending time outside!

          Your Mentor: Abigail


            I’m incredibly grateful to walk with the Lord and serve in youth ministry. I rejoice in seeing young people walking in God's love! My special passions are art and baking.

            Your Mentor: Lisa


                  I didn't grow up with a spiritual background but moving to California was in God's plan to connect me with Jesus. I love being a youth leader and helping youth along their journey. My passions include finances, outdoor recreation, and entertaining.

              Your Mentor: Nick


                    I grew up going to church but my life was radically changed at 12 years old when Jesus called me to truly follow him. I love doing stupid, fun things and growing into who God calls me to be every day! My mission is to mentor youth and mold this next generation into the men and women God has called you to be.

                Your Mentor: Hunter


                  I’m obsessed with coffee, creating, crafting, sports, anything outdoors, and avocados! I have always been a fan but never a true follower until Jesus became my survival guide! If you open the pages to my past you will read a lot of pain, learn of my flaws, and see how I’m cracked, but we are all broken in some way and that's what makes us beautiful! My heart beats to serve in youth ministry and illuminate God's grace. Our world needs who YOU were made to be.

                  Your Mentor: Kassi


                        I grew up in the church and don't remember my life before Jesus. However, in college I realized there is a difference between knowing who He is and having a relationship with Him. For me I feel closest to Jesus through worship in music! I want to do what I can to help our youth deepen their own relationships with Him and discover their God-given passions. Mine have always been in performance. Theater, dance, music, art, movies, I love it all.

                    Your Mentor: Elena


                      You can call me mama Keisha. I have been serving the Lord over 20 years. I’m passionate about cooking, my relationship with God, and loving on people!

                      Your Mentor: Keisha


                            I am so glad I followed God's leading and became a youth leader because nothing is more exciting to me than when I see our kids on fire for Jesus. My special passions are sports and prayer.

                        Your Mentor: Alex