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MAY 2022


Resilience is getting back up when
something gets you down.

Bible Story

Paul and Silas in Prison

Acts 16:16-40

What helps you keep going?


"But those who trust in the Lord will receive new strength. They will fly as high as eagles. They will run and not get tired. They will walk and not grow weak."

Isaiah 40:31, NIrV


Morning Time

Start off your kid’s day with a simple reminder: "Be kind to someone today." (Make sure you are being kind when you say it.)

Drive Time

While on the go, ask your kid, “What’s something new you learned this week?” (It can be a joke, a new skill, a fact, etc.) Then, share something you learned this week with them.

Meal Time

At a meal this week, ask: "What are some reasons why people give up while trying something? What are some reasons that you’ve kept going even when you wanted to give up?"

Bed Time

Pray for each other: "God, help us to encourage one another to not give up when things get tough."

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